Meet the Team

  • Chris Mahlmann Chris Mahlmann Founder
    Chris MahlmannFounder

    Chris is the Founder.  The heart of his belief is to form positive, online communities and take a new, positive approach to online publishing that creates new opportunities to spread good news about communities. We don’t create websites. We create online communities large enough to support major advertising, but small enough to remain hyper-local.  He enjoys spending time with his four children, granddaughter and developing young journalists looking to launch their careers.

  • Natalie Mahlmann Natalie Mahlmann Financial Director
      Natalie MahlmannFinancial Director

      Natalie is the Financial Director.  She knows what is happening across the company and works closely with accounts receivable and payable.  Natalie enjoys spending time at the gym, with friends and family, including the recent addition of her granddaughter and a good glass of wine.

    • Jenny Craig-Brown Jenny Craig-Brown Executive Director
      Jenny Craig-BrownExecutive Director

      Jenny is the Executive Director.  She manages the Life Team and works with partners and team members to create an incredible product and happy partners. She enjoys kayaking, running, time with her friends and family, camping and snuggling with her husband and cat.

    • Stephanie Swearington Stephanie Swearington Director of Operations & HR
      Stephanie SwearingtonDirector of Operations & HR

      Stephanie is the Director of Operations and Human Resources. Her area of focus are process improvement, recruiting and staff development. Her interests are women empowerment, developing her leadership skills and motivating her team. She loves being outside enjoying nature and reading, spending time with her family and listening to TED Talks in her free time.

    • Kami Tupiak Kami Tupiak Office Coordinator
      Kami TupiakOffice Coordinator

      Kami is the Office Coordinator, acting as the forward face of Ideas in Motion Media, she is often the first person you will encounter when you walk in the building or pick up the phone.  Kami takes the lead on direct communication with clients and schools to highlight the original content that’s been created for them.  When she’s not supporting the office team she enjoys spending time with her family, photography, and reading.

    • Naphtalia Ruth Naphtalia Ruth Partnership and Production Manager
        Naphtalia RuthPartnership and Production Manager

        Naphtalia is the Partnership and Production Manager. Her areas of focus are partnership development, content planning, and managerial support. Her interests are using her passion for education on tolerance and diversity to uplift her community and her team. She loves drawing, photography, volunteering, and filming music videos.

      • Anthony Ketcham Anthony Ketcham Full Stack Web Developer & IT Manager
          Anthony KetchamFull Stack Web Developer & IT Manager
        • Kelsea Costello Kelsea Costello Publishing & Social Media Manager
            Kelsea CostelloPublishing & Social Media Manager
          • Kayla Hofferth Kayla Hofferth Publishing & Social Media Assistant
              Kayla HofferthPublishing & Social Media Assistant
            • Michael Riley Michael Riley IT & Systems Administrator
              Michael RileyIT & Systems Administrator
            • Robby Schneider Robby Schneider Business Development Coordinator
                Robby SchneiderBusiness Development Coordinator
              • Kayti Grable Kayti Grable Content Team Manager
                  Kayti GrableContent Team Manager
                • Aubrey Thomson Aubrey Thomson Junior Editor
                    Aubrey ThomsonJunior Editor
                  • Colin Lenburg Colin Lenburg New Media Journalist & Video Editor
                      Colin LenburgNew Media Journalist & Video Editor
                    • Gena DeMuth Gena DeMuth
                        Gena DeMuth
                      • Curtis Hankins Curtis Hankins
                          Curtis Hankins
                        • Dan Petreikis Dan Petreikis
                            Dan Petreikis
                          • Peyton Mahlmann Peyton Mahlmann
                              Peyton Mahlmann
                            • Kellyn Vale Kellyn Vale
                                Kellyn Vale
                              • Kali Beatty Kali Beatty
                                  Kali Beatty
                                • Sergio Valdes Jr. Sergio Valdes Jr.
                                    Sergio Valdes Jr.
                                  • Allison Tunstall Allison Tunstall
                                      Allison Tunstall
                                    • Grace Bentkowski Grace Bentkowski New Media Journalist & Social Media Editor
                                        Grace BentkowskiNew Media Journalist & Social Media Editor
                                      • Mary Buksa Mary Buksa Bishop Noll
                                      • Tyler Prendergast Tyler Prendergast Highland High School
                                      • Nicholas Fortin Nicholas Fortin Online Student
                                      • Aleena Mongerie Aleena Mongerie Munster
                                      • Ashley Wilson Ashley Wilson Valparaiso High School
                                      • Brook Blanchard Brook Blanchard Hobart High School
                                      • Quinlan Scott Quinlan Scott Washington Township
                                      • Brenna Sealy Brenna Sealy Lake Central High School
                                      • Tori Kegebein Tori Kegebein La Porte High School
                                      • Sidney Moore Sidney Moore Porter County Career Center
                                      • Sergio Sanchez Sergio Sanchez Crown Point High School
                                      • Ellie Williams Ellie Williams Marquette Catholic High School
                                      • Jacob Griffin Jacob Griffin Westville
                                      • Brielle Lobody Brielle Lobody Kouts
                                      • Lauren Molenda Lauren Molenda Merrillville
                                      • Maggie Andrews Maggie Andrews Boone Grove
                                      • Grace Wothke Grace Wothke Griffith Highschool
                                      • Eleanor Nohos Eleanor Nohos Andrean High School
                                      • Ranya Kawamleh Ranya Kawamleh Wheeler High School
                                      • Kyla Heard Kyla Heard East Chicago High School
                                      • Chelsea Lott Chelsea Lott East Chicago High School
                                      • KwaTashea Marfo KwaTashea Marfo Portage High School