• Chris Mahlmann Chris Mahlmann Founder
    Chris MahlmannFounder

    Chris is the Founder.  The heart of his belief is to form positive, online communities and take a new, positive approach to online publishing that creates new opportunities to spread good news about communities. We don’t create websites. We create online communities large enough to support major advertising, but small enough to remain hyper-local.  He enjoys spending time with his four children, granddaughter and developing young journalists looking to launch their careers.

  • Natalie Mahlmann Natalie Mahlmann Accounts Manager
    Natalie MahlmannAccounts Manager

    Natalie is the Accounts Manager.  She knows what is happening across the company and works closely with accounts receivable and payable.  Natalie enjoys spending time at the gym, with friends and family, including the recent addition of her granddaughter and a good glass of wine.

  • Jenny Craig-Brown Jenny Craig-Brown Executive Team Leader
    Jenny Craig-BrownExecutive Team Leader

    Jenny is the Executive Team Leader.  She manages the Life Team and works with partners and team members to create an incredible product and happy partners. She enjoys kayaking, running, time with her friends and family, camping and snuggling with her husband and cat.

  • Stephanie Swearington Stephanie Swearington Director of Operations & HR
    Stephanie SwearingtonDirector of Operations & HR

    Stephanie is the Director of Operations and Human Resources. Her area of focus are process improvement, recruiting and staff development. Her interests are women empowerment, developing her leadership skills and motivating her team. She loves being outside enjoying nature and reading, spending time with her family and listening to TED Talks in her free time.

  • Stacey Kellogg Stacey Kellogg Editorial Director
    Stacey KelloggEditorial Director

    Stacey is the Editorial Director, leading the content, core, coverage, and student teams as they serve as the driving force for positivity in the region. Stacey helps set editorial standards and guidelines, and collaborates with the team to develop strong reporters, editors, and content creators. When she isn’t doing that, Stacey is hiking, backpacking, kayaking, reading, enjoying craft beer, and generally loving life with her family and friends.

  • Joe Porter Joe Porter Lead Developer
    Joe PorterLead Developer

    Joe is our Lead Developer on the team.  His areas of focus are maintaining the current website, planning the roadmap for future website development and building new tools to help our office run efficiently.  His interests are learning new ways to develop and code new projects and enjoys problem solving.  He loves going to the gym, playing basketball and spending time with his family in his spare time.

  • Kayla Belec Kayla Belec Contributing Editor
    Kayla BelecContributing Editor

    Kayla is a Contributing Editor.  She is an avid writer, reader, editor and content developer. She is also a big fan of her coworkers, family, and friends. When Kayla is not working, she is telling stories with The Impostors Theatre Co., a Chicago-based theatre company of which she is a founding member.  She is a dog/coffee/beer enthusiast.

  • Kole Rushmore Kole Rushmore Video Producer & Journalist
    Kole RushmoreVideo Producer & Journalist

    Kole is our Video Producer/Contributing Editor. He has a Communication Studies degree with a focus in video production from Eastern Illinois University. In his free time he loves hiking with his wife and their dog, Bella, and capturing life through the lens.

  • Kami Tupiak Kami Tupiak Administrative Assistant
    Kami TupiakAdministrative Assistant

    Kami is the Administrative Assistant, acting as the forward face of Ideas in Motion Media, she is often the first person you will encounter when you walk in the building or pick up the phone.  Kami takes the lead on direct communication with clients and schools to highlight the original content that’s been created for them.  When she’s not supporting the office team she enjoys spending time with her family, photography, and reading.

  • Julia Demma Julia Demma Contributing Editor
    Julia DemmaContributing Editor

    Julia is a Contributing Editor. Her area of focus are writing and editing. Her interests include working together as a team, spreading positivity, and exploring creative ways to get a story across. She loves journaling, writing poetry, dancing and spending time with her friends, family, and Great Dane puppy in her free time.

  • Beth Ireland Beth Ireland Editorial and Design Assistant
    Beth IrelandEditorial and Design Assistant

    Beth is the Editorial and Design Assistant. While maintaining a focus on writing and editing, she sometimes diverges into graphic design when needed. She has never met a dog she doesn’t like, and always makes time to stop and pet them. She enjoys photography, reading, and taking her niece on special adventures throughout the region.

  • Sarah DeMars Sarah DeMars Graphic Designer and Editorial Assistant
    Sarah DeMarsGraphic Designer and Editorial Assistant

    Sarah is the Graphic Design and Editorial Assistant. She recently graduated from Ball State University with her BFA in animation and illustration. Her background includes children’s book illustration, visual development for animation, and graphic design. Some of her favorite pastimes include hiking, traveling, antiquing, reading, and of course drawing!

  • Sarah Corn Sarah Corn Contributing Editor
    Sarah CornContributing Editor

    Sarah is a Contributing Editor and Coverage Team trainer. She is a graduate of the Multimedia Journalism program at the University of Washington – Seattle where she focused on community-centric reporting. She enjoys comic books, board games, and backyard bird watching with her husband and their dog, Cosmo. 

  • Naphtalia Ruth Naphtalia Ruth Executive Assistant
    Naphtalia RuthExecutive Assistant

    Naphtalia is the Executive Team Assistant. Her areas of focus are partnership development, content planning, and managerial support. Her interests are using her passion for education on tolerance and diversity to uplift her community and her team. She loves drawing, photography, volunteering, and filming music videos.

  • Zavier Colon Zavier Colon IT Assistant
    Zavier ColonIT Assistant

    Zavier is the IT Assistant at He is a graduate from the University of Indianapolis and majored in Digital Media Studies with a minor in Computer Science. Zavier loves to drink coffee and play the trombone in his free time.

  • Andrew Redick Andrew Redick
    Andrew Redick
  • Curtis Hankins Curtis Hankins
    Curtis Hankins
  • Dan Petreikis Dan Petreikis
    Dan Petreikis
  • Andrea Marvel Andrea Marvel
    Andrea Marvel
  • Peyton Mahlmann Peyton Mahlmann
    Peyton Mahlmann
  • Kellyn Vale Kellyn Vale
    Kellyn Vale
  • Tommy Elwood Tommy Elwood
    Tommy Elwood
  • Kali Beatty Kali Beatty
    Kali Beatty
  • Zander Marcotte Zander Marcotte
    Zander Marcotte
  • Alyssa Foster Alyssa Foster La Porte
  • Cameron Cooper Cameron Cooper Kouts
  • Chloe Casey Chloe Casey Hammond-Clark
  • Claire Bailey Claire Bailey Chesterton
  • Emma Rice Emma Rice Washington Twp
  • Hailey Bianco Hailey Bianco River Forest
  • Katy Webber Katy Webber Hobart
  • Kyra Dabbert Kyra Dabbert Westville
  • Maddie Nolan Maddie Nolan Griffith
  • Mariana Venturella Mariana Venturella Boone Grove
  • Mary Buksa Mary Buksa Bishop Noll
  • Molly Caplice Molly Caplice La Lumiere
  • Rory Neary Rory Neary Marquette Catholic
  • Samantha Kazmierczak Samantha Kazmierczak Valparaiso
  • Sarah Richardson Sarah Richardson Lowell
  • Allison Glen Allison Glen La Porte High School
  • Liana Boulles Liana Boulles Griffith
  • Ruby Congleton-Giancaspro Ruby Congleton-Giancaspro La Lumiere
  • Charmagne Abangan Charmagne Abangan Lake Central
  • Frida Arellano Frida Arellano Lake Central
  • Tyler Prendergast Tyler Prendergast Highland High School
  • Zoe Olesker Zoe Olesker Marquette
  • Zoe Brickner Zoe Brickner Washington Township
  • Mailyn Guifarro Mailyn Guifarro East Chicago Central
  • Annamarie Lungo Annamarie Lungo Hebron
  • Kelsie Choy Kelsie Choy Westville
  • Alena Baez Alena Baez Whiting
  • Elise Kratkoczki Elise Kratkoczki Hanover Central
  • Brendan Hegeduis Brendan Hegeduis Crown Point
  • Aleena Mongerie Aleena Mongerie Munster
  • Yatziri Moreno Yatziri Moreno Hammond-Gavit