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Our Story

We take a new, positive approach to online publishing that creates new opportunities to spread good news about communities.

We don’t create websites. We create online communities large enough to support major advertising, but small enough to remain hyper-local.

We've stayed true to our mission since day one

Forming positive communities

We strive to form positive, online communities centered around the idea that, given the option, users prefer to read about the good things going on in their community instead of the often-negative slant given to traditional media.

Bringing great news to all

Starting in Northwest Indiana, we’re looking to bring these hyper-local, community-based websites to every city, township, county, or region that wants to break the traditional cycle of media, bringing something new and refreshing to their area.

Competitive technology

Utilizing web publishing, social media networks, and full editorial control, we are able to direct the best articles, editorials, photos, videos, and stories going on into the community directly in front of thousands of active, positive-minded people in each community.

Meet the Lifers

Chris Mahlmann headshot

Chris Mahlmann


Chris founded the company in 2009 and is focused on spreading good news and making a positive impact.

Natalie Mahlmann headshot

Natalie Mahlmann

Financial Director

Natalie is our Financial Director. She works most closely with payroll and accounts receivable and payable.

Jenny Craig-Brown headshot

Jenny Craig-Brown

Executive Director

Jenny Craig-Brown is our Executive Director. She forges partnerships & creates client satisfaction.

Kami Tupiak headshot

Kami Tupiak

Partnership & Office Coordinator

Kami plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and fostering productive partnerships within the organization.

Aubrey Thomson headshot

Aubrey Thomson

Senior Editor

Aubrey writes, edits, and trains new staff using her mind for language, eye for detail, and heart for growing others.

Lauren Grasham headshot

Lauren Grasham

Contributing Editor

Lauren is both an editor and GNL's spotlight connoisseur, headlining many of the features on the sites.

Ashley Spargo headshot

Ashley Spargo

Editorial Director

Ashley manages all staff members, assigns content and coverage.

Damon Modglin headshot

Damon Modglin


Damon is a contributing editor keeping content error-free.

Kale Nelson headshot

Kale Nelson

Social Media & Marketing Director

Kale manages the Social Media team and creates social media campaigns across all platforms.

Jess Mangual headshot

Jess Mangual

Administrative Assistant

Jess assists the administrative team with various daily tasks

Monika Krcoski headshot

Monika Krcoski

Junior Full-Stack Web Developer

Monika is in charge of the day-to-day tech operations of the office.

Shelby Prouty headshot

Shelby Prouty

Administrative Assistant

Shelby keeps a positive influence in the GNL team while assisting with office duties and maintaining partner relationships.

Field Team

Gena DeMuth headshot

Gena DeMuth

Sr. New Media Journalist

Curtis Hankins headshot

Curtis Hankins

Sr. New Media Journalist

Dan Petreikis headshot

Dan Petreikis

Sr. New Media Journalist

Alayna Wilkening headshot

Alayna Wilkening

New Media Journalist

Nick Poulos headshot

Nick Poulos

Media Publishing & Event Coverage

Zach Blair headshot

Zach Blair

New Media Journalist

Emily Kozina headshot

Emily Kozina

Publishing & Social Media Editor

Jennifer Arzola headshot

Jennifer Arzola

New Media Journalist

Autum Meyers headshot

Autum Meyers

New Media Journalist

Brenna Sealy headshot

Brenna Sealy

Media Publishing & Event Coverage

Elise Sims headshot

Elise Sims

New Media Journalist

Kyler Wagner headshot

Kyler Wagner

New Media Journalist

Rylin Sherron headshot

Rylin Sherron

New Media Journalist

Charles Beard headshot

Charles Beard

New Media Journalist

Kyle Boyd headshot

Kyle Boyd

New Media Journalist

Haynen Johnson headshot

Haynen Johnson

Video Production Editor

Ethan Levy headshot

Ethan Levy

New Media Journalist

Garrett Spoor headshot

Garrett Spoor

New Media Journalist

Clarissa Espinoza headshot

Clarissa Espinoza

Publishing & Social Media Editor

Abby Babcock headshot

Abby Babcock

Video Production Editor

Jona Robinson headshot

Jona Robinson

New Media Journalist

Julio Herrera headshot

Julio Herrera

New Media Journalist

#1 Student Team

Aadil Khan headshot

Aadil Khan

Crown Point High School

Megan Lambert headshot

Megan Lambert

La Porte High School

Ireland Hanna headshot

Ireland Hanna

Morgan Township High School

Audrey White headshot

Audrey White

Chesterton High School

Meaghan Painter headshot

Meaghan Painter

Michigan City High School

Diana Santos headshot

Diana Santos

Lowell High School

Dorothy Lakshmanamurthy headshot

Dorothy Lakshmanamurthy

Munster High School

Joseph LaPatra headshot

Joseph LaPatra

Griffith High School

Madison Gresham headshot

Madison Gresham

Michigan City High School

Olivia Pierce headshot

Olivia Pierce

Portage High School

Trinity Austin headshot

Trinity Austin

Hammond Central High School

Alyssa Frazier headshot

Alyssa Frazier

Morton High School

Guinevere Clark headshot

Guinevere Clark

John Adams High School

Madison Gaskins headshot

Madison Gaskins

River Forest High School

Ally Henrich headshot

Ally Henrich

Marquette Catholic High School

Mallory Stanage headshot

Mallory Stanage

Boone Grove High School

Alexis Largent headshot

Alexis Largent

Clay High School

Hannah Kole headshot

Hannah Kole

New Prairie High School

Rafael Ferreira headshot

Rafael Ferreira

Penn High School

Katie Richardson headshot

Katie Richardson

Washington Township High School

Cameryn Rodriguez headshot

Cameryn Rodriguez

Lake Central High School

Bella Born headshot

Bella Born

Lake Central High School

Vivian Mundell headshot

Vivian Mundell

Hebron High School

Kaylee Allen headshot

Kaylee Allen

South Central High School

Ava Jimienez headshot

Ava Jimienez

Andrean High School

Naudia O’Brien headshot

Naudia O’Brien

Valparaiso High School

Regan Bandy headshot

Regan Bandy

West Side Leadership Academy

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A La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership Case Study

As an organization that is constantly working to drive economic activity in the La Porte community and aiding in its development, LEAP brings together the business community of The City of La Porte

read the case study

A City of Hammond Case Study

Early on in GreatNews.Life’s history, McDermott connected with GreatNews.Life and has maintained that relationship for many years. After meeting with GreatNews.Life Founder Chris Mahlmann, McDermott quickly saw the value of positivity.

read the case study

A REGIONAL Federal Credit Union Case Study

Even the smallest instance of positivity can make a huge difference, and Kevin Kosek is ecstatic about helping others see that there is  good news happening in the Region.

read the case study

A Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service Case Study

Flanagin saw that GreatNews.Life was not just an outlet to educate Northwest Indiana on bulk mailing, but also as a way to share with the area the things most media outlets don’t cover.

read the case study

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