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With core values of trust, respect, communication, education, and service, REGIONAL Federal Credit Union is dedicated to providing financial services for its members. Originally located in the basement of Hammond High School in 1962, the credit union has expanded to better serve Lake and Porter Counties. 


Kevin Kosek had experience in marketing prior to his position at REGIONAL and was able to apply that knowledge to his new job, however, he felt there was still something missing. Discovering the best way to get REGIONAL’s full story across to the community and highlighting all of its great people proved to be a challenge. He needed to find a solution to working around this obstacle through in-depth articles and social media posts that would dive deeper into all the things he is truly passionate about in his work at REGIONAL.


When Kosek first met GreatNews.Life Founder Chris Mahlmann, he knew right away that GreatNews.Life possessed the magic touch the financial institution needed to communicate its full story. In a world full of negative news, hearing about an all-positive news source was like a breath of fresh air.

“I met Chris 12 years ago with this crazy idea of doing something that was not the norm of the industry, and that’s promoting positive people, positive news, and local communities instead of having all this negative information being fed to us on the newsfeed,” Kosek said. “He came to my Kiwanis club right here in Valparaiso and said, ‘Hey, would anyone want to jumpstart and help me out?’ I threw REGIONAL Federal Credit Union on the front page right away and said, ‘Hey, I will sponsor this because I want my brand to be associated with positive news, with a positive brand.’ It’s been working great the last 12 years.”

Through GreatNews.Life’s online presence and social media platforms, Kosek can touch on what is typically overlooked by other media outlets. He is able to fully educate the Region on why a credit union is a great place for your finances and is able to inform the Region of all the many different programs REGIONAL has to offer.

Kosek is a proud supporter of GreatNews.Life and everything it does for the community. Even the smallest instance of positivity can make a huge difference, and Kosek is ecstatic about helping others see that there is  good news happening in the Region. Kosek has seen the impact GreatNews.Life has in the community which matches his desire to be a positive beacon in his own life. He hopes others will follow suit and do the same.

“REGIONAL has been a proud supporter of GreatNews.Life, Valpo.Life, Portage.Life, all the Life sites out there, and I don’t think I would ever change what I’ve been doing with Chris and the team,” he said. “Someone said to me the other day, ‘I see that you are a big supporter of Valpo.Life here locally.’ I said, ‘Absolutely. They promote high school kids doing good things, they promote local leaders doing great things, and they promote organizations doing even better things, so how can you not get behind an organization that’s nothing but positive?’”

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